Our leaders and partners have gone through many decision-making engagements to build this charity foundation. Get to know us more and the vision that brought us all together.

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Mission Statement
LeSage Foundation is working to empower communities to change their lifestyles through the provision of healthcare services, potable water, technical education, agriculture, salt farming, fishing support, and better infrastructures where progress can stop being a wish but a reality.

Who We Are
Lesage Foundation is a charity organization build by a number of Haitian-American professionals based in Forth Lake, Florida. We focus on providing a better future for the children together with their families and communities. While serving our local community in South Florida, we are also extending our help to the areas of Coridon, Pointe-des-Mangles, Magasin, Bonal, and Carrenage which are parts of the 2nd section of the commune of Anse-Rouge, Department of Artibonite, Haiti.

Our non-for-profit projects are based on the core values of building human performance and raising the standards of living by providing quality health, potable water, agriculture, salt farming, fishing, and education.

Our Goals
In South Florida, we concentrate on being a resource center for individuals who need information that can profoundly affect their lives. We endeavor to furnish them with easier access to medical care and technical formation which can enable them to become productive and responsible citizens.

In Haiti, our homeland, our goal is somewhat overwhelming but not impossible. We envision to provide hospitals, healthcare centers, potable water, technical schools, scholarships at all educational levels, electricity, equipment for salt farming, fishing, and agriculture.

Why We Serve
The reason behind our passionate desire to alleviate the extreme conditions in which our people live is due to the fact that we cannot close our eyes, fold our arms, and wait for “someone else” to do it for us. We are the products of this environment; the sons and daughters of men and women that have moved Heaven and Earth with their bare hands to make us who we are today.

Statement of Need
You can understand our eagerness to work for the development of the region of Anse-Rouge in Haiti when you realize the enormous wealth that exists in this area. However, the general population of this section is confronted with such revolting misery.

  • The area places an additional source of wealth that is the envy of many other parts of the country, and that is the possibility for “salt farming.” In fact, with the right technology, this region could be one of the biggest solar salt producing areas of the world.
  • The whole region has fertile soils that could produce food for at least 33% of the entire country if the people were in possession of advanced equipment to make agriculture a viable way of life.
  • The region is comprised of prime locations where the management of the shoreline areas alone can lift the economy of the region.
  • Fishing in the area used to be one of the means by which families raised their children.

Learn more about us by knowing our Board of Directors and reading the Letter from the President. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 786-319-2474 for more information.