Fishing is a way of living for the local citizens in the region of Haiti. Join us to improve their methods of fishing to increase their income.

fisher men

Fishing Village Program will allow fishermen catch large fishes in the deep sea and provide a good source of income.

“In Coridon, fishing used to be one of the means by which families raised their children,
we used to eat fish every day. It’s sad now…” – Coridon Fisherman

There are more than 20 miles offshore in the 2nd Section of the Commune of Anse-Rouge.

Project Description

  • We will create a fishing center with the main goal of improving the living and economic conditions of the population through fishing activities.
  • 4 fiberglass boats (21-ft long each)
  • 4 engines (high powered outboard)
  • Candidates have to be honest and serious
  • Candidates will be trained in deep-sea fishing techniques; in procedures to protect the environment; in where, when and how to market their catch; and, in engine repair and maintenance.
  • A small portion of the catch will be given to the community organizations or churches to help children and elderly.
  • A small amount of their profit will be set aside for maintenance of the fishing village program and equipment.


  • (GPS systems; Hand-held radios; Freezers; Coolers; Lanterns; Safety gear (first aid kits, flare kits, life jackets, etc.); Fishing tackle (anchors, lures, sealers, reels, hooks fishing lines, barrels, buoys, etc.); Administrative costs; Transportation; Facilities and outside equipment (1 sanitation block, 2 solar panel street lights, 1 artesian water)
  • Concrete shed (for equipment and accessories storage)
  • 4 groups with 3 or 4 fishermen each