Help to boost the economic status of the region in Haiti by cooperating with us through our Agricultural Programs.

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Reasons for Agricultural Program

  • Agriculture is an important factor in Haiti‚Äôs economy.
  • Hunger and malnutrition are 50 to 59% rate high.
  • Diseases related to malnutrition are rampant.
  • Haiti is importing 80% of rice due to lack of food.
  • Villagers are still using old ways of farming.

Benefits of Agricultural Program

  • Break the cycle of poverty
  • Provide self-sufficient means to support families
  • Help people start new business and have income
  • Create Wealth
  • Promote social and economic development
  • Provide more food and reduce hunger and malnutrition

2nd Section of Commune of Anse-Rouge

Anse-Rouge is a commune in the Gros-Morne Arrondissement, in the Artibonite department of Haiti. The second section, composed of Letang, Bonal, Figuier, Carrenage, etc., is around 15.5 mi west of the city of Gonaives and approximately 9.53 mi east of Anse-Rouge. The region is expanded on roughly 5,880 acres of mostly agricultural land seen in some areas by open hilltops, limited in the southern side by the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean.

Project Description

  • Hydraulic pump in the region with a capacity of 1000 cubic meters a day
  • A small house for generator, control panels, and security guard
  • Buy or make fuel tank reservoir to prevent shortage
  • Build canals to irrigate 1500 acres of cultivable land
  • Agricultural machines and equipment
  • Along with the agricultural project, we will grow a 20-acre nursery of all different kind of trees to be planted all over the region, which is in a desperate need of reforestation.
  • Fence for nursery
  • Create a training center for farmers called Rural Cooperative Development Center. The Internship program will be available through the Faculty of Agronomy in Port-au-Prince.
  • Warehouse for harvest
  • Potential Yearly Income of at least $2.4 million harvesting shallots only