Get to know the great leaders behind our charity foundation. They are the brains who have the intense desire and passion to serve other people to create a better future.

Hebreu Dessalines, MBA
Hebre Dessalines

Eddie Cadet, IT Architect
Vice President
Eddie Cadet

Collin Destine, BBHS
Financial Director
Collin Destine

Myrlande Dessalines, BA, BSN, RN
Corporate Secretary / Public Relations Director
Myrlande Dessalines

Marceau Michel, M.S., P.E.
Program Operating Director
Marceau Michel, M.S., P.E.

Alpha B. Journal, PA-C, MBA
Medical Director, United States
Medical Director

Jude Renelique, MD
Medical Director, Haiti

Evens Joseph, Agronomist MSc.
Agricultural Development Director, Haiti
Medical Director

Doroty Dessalines, MSN, RN
Fundraising Director
Doroty Dessalines, BSN, RN

Michael S. Feinman, Esq.
Ambassador at Large